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Cynder shook her head. "Oh well, I guess we'll see him later. I'm gonna go see Terrador, Spyro." She went up to him and gave him a small peck on his cheek.

Spyro melted inside, as she did this. He could help, but blush. Cynder giggled as Spyro's purple cheek instantly flourished into a bright red. "Alright Cynder. I'll go see Zachariah for awhile."

The black dragoness ran inside the temple. Sunlight gleamed through the glass windows. Cynder looked through them and saw the many dragons and their tales shown on the glass. She never really took the time to appreciate it. She admired the many dragons imprinted on the glass. She finally ended up in Terrador's dormitory. She knocked,...but there was no answer. She knocked again, and same as before there was no answer. She then noticed that the door was open. She openned the door and found that the room was empty.

Cynder was about to turn and leave, until something caught her eye. A large colored glass window. It seemed different compared to the others she saw. It was of two dragons, one was green and big. Cynder believe this to Terrador. Next to him was a blackish purple dragon. Her horns looked like Cynder's. She kept staring at it, as if it was a part of her.

"She was truly beautiful, you know."

Cynder turned around to see where the voice came from. The large earth guardian Terrador stood. "Oh father. I didn't realized you where there.", she said.

Terrador slowly walked up next to her, admiring the window. "Ignitus made this many years ago. He was quite talented."

"Dad, is that. Mom?", she asked.

The large dragon nodded. "Yes Cynder. That was your mother, Feuriah." He looked at Cynder. "You look so much like her."

Cynder looked up back at him. "Dad." Terrador looked at her. "What was mom like?"

He took a deep breath. "Well, she was incredibly beautiful. Like you." He waited for a moment. "I'm sorry. I'm just not used to talking about her. I miss her."

She got closer to him. She nudged her head on his big forearms. "It's ok, Dad. I love you.", said the black dragoness.


Spyro was calmly walking down the corridors looking for Zachariah. He went to his room and knock...There was no answer. He knocked once again. Same as before, there was no answer. He openned the door slightly, just enough to peek through. The room was empty. Spyro quietly closed the door. "Where could he be?", he asked himself. He went outside of the temple, hoping to have better luck in finding his brother. He saw the rookery and heard voice coming from inside. Spyro peered inside to see Ireena.

The gravid Ice dragoness was preparing her nest, she noticed  standing by the doorway.
"Oh Spyro. What brings you here?", she asked the purple dragon.

"Oh I was just looking for Zachariah.", he said.
"Oh he went off, looking for some Dragonfruit for me. He so sweet. That's the key, Spyro. The key  to a woman's heart. Dragonfruit, bring a woman dragonfruit and she'll fall in love for you for an eternity."

"You bet it is.", said a voice.

The two dragons turned around to see Zachariah carrying a cluch of dragonfruit. He walked over to his mate and nuzzled her. The Red dragon turned back towards to Spyro. "Would you care for some, Spyro?", he asked.

Spyro felt his stomach grubbled over the sound of food. "Thank you.", Spyro said.

Zachariah passed him some of the fruit to the purple dragon. It was purpleish blue, with pricks. Spyro took a bite into the oddly shaped fruit. His mind was blown away, it felt sensational, wonderous. But alas Spyro felt immediately full after finishing his fruit.

"Zachariah? I need to ask you something?"

"What is it, Spyro? You can ask me anything."

"What was it like living on your own?", Spyro asked.

Zachariah bit his lip and nodded. "I wasn't exactly on my own. I had the people that I care about the most there for me. In the end Spyro, that's all you need in this world." He nuzzled Ireena again.

Suddenly they heard a loud boom. All three of them became alerted.

"Excellent Jolt! Keep at it!", a faint voice said.

"Hey Zachariah, do you know where Jolt and Volteer headed off to?"

"My guess is at the Training dojo. Sounds like they're training.", Zachariah answered.

Spyro smiled. "Wanna head over and see what they're up to?"

Zachariah raised an eye. He looked over to his mate.

"Go on you two. I'll keep fixing the nest. Knowing you, you'll wanna mess it up to how you want it." She licked his muzzle.

Zachariah and Spyro both got up. They walked out of the rookery, towards the training dojo.

Ireena shook her head. She began tending her nest again.
Chapter 7 is finally uploaded. Cynder and Terrador, father and daughter bond to together. Looks like Spyro and Zachariah are doing the same.

Next-> [link]

Spyro, all related characters belong to :iconsierraplz:

Zachariah and Ireena belong to me
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Nice page. i love parent child moments like that, keep up the work!
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Interesting work here :)

Hmmm... Slowly focusing on different characters and perspectives. Nice. Of course, I do have some suggestions about this. Such as the next chapter focusing on Volteer and Jolt, next one on Jericho (someone finding a crush on him), etc.
A13jandr0169 Featured By Owner Sep 8, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
Thanks I try that :D
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I'm already working on the next chapter. I felt tat this one a bit too short.
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